Alex Harvey c. 1975 The penultimate (pre-Sex Pistols) British working-class-hero band, SAHB is almost unknown in the U.S. except to cultists. Prime resources: raunch, energy, sweat. SAHB (led by forty-three year old Alex Harvey) exemplified the punk attitude long before it was fashionable. Unfortunately, most of what it did was better seen live than endured on vinyl. The album Tomorrow Belongs to Me includes a bizzare one-act play, "Tale of the Giant Stoneater." The Live LP is definitive, including extended versions of their crowdpleasers, "Vambo," "Tomahawk Kid" and "Delilah."
--Alan Neister in the 1979 edition of The Rolling Stone Record Guide (used without permission.)

Alex Harvey was no punk-rocker, having first broken in during Britain's skiffle rage in the '50s (as "The Tommy Steele of Scotland") and then living on the fringes of the British blues scene during the early part of the following decade. Alex Harvey c. 1975 But when he finally found his moment and grabbed on tight for the ride, it was with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band in the early '70s, a glam-rock outfit contemporary with Slade and Mott the Hoople. As part of his stage act, Harvey brandished a can of spray paint and used it liberally; the set list included covers of songs by the Coasters and Tom Jones, along with something called "There's No Lights on the Christmas Tree, Mother; They're Burning Big Louie Tonight" (references to a version of which may be found in the classic rock'n'roll movie from 1956, The Girl Can't Help It). Where do you put a guy like this, except in the proximity of the New York Dolls? By the time punk- rock had arrived Harvey was past forty and suffering health problems related to drugs and other hazards of the rock-star lifestyle. He died of a heart attack.
-- Jeff Pike in The Death of Rock 'n' Roll: Untimely Demises, Morbid Preoccupations, and Premature Forecasts of Doom in Pop Music (Faber & Faber).

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