SAHB Live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow, Sept. 7, 2002
Steve "Rustiescot" sent a passel 'o pictures from the recent Frankie Miller Tribute concert to the SAHB Email List, and here are a few of 'em...

Zal Cleminson, sans whiteface

Billy Rankin (ex-Zal, ex-Nazareth, here standing in for Alex) and Zal
The 7-hour concert, honoring Glasgow rocker Frankie Miller, also featured Joe Walsh, The House Band [Brian (Robbo) Robertson lead guitar, Paul Guerin on rhythm, Chrissie Stewart Bass, Ted McKenna Drums, Hugh McKenna keyboards], Dean Ford, Nazareth, Ray Wilson, Cosmic Rough Riders, Brian Robertson, Clare Grogan, Horse, Rico and Pat Kane (among others).
Chris Glen, Billy Rankin and Zal, feet up on the monitors in a familiar pose, during Midnight Moses

Zal, tearing it up as usual

Chris & Zal doing the "Hanna-Barbara while-the-cat's-away cartoon-mouse dance routine", as music scribe CS Murray once described it, while drummer Ted McKenna provides the beat on Delilah.

Barrowlands photos ©2002 rustiescot

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