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                                         over 70 years of rock history - the SAHB timeline...
NBC installs a television transmitter on top of the Empire State Building - 1931
'Little' Richard Penniman born - 1932
The film King Kong premieres in New York City - 1933
Surgeon R.K. Wilson allegedly takes a photograph of the Loch Ness Monster - 1934
 Alex Harvey born Feb. 5, Glasgow, Scotland - 1935
Tommy Steele, singer, born - 1936
Jerry Reed, "Amos Moses" writer, born - 1937
Robert Johnson, blues man, dies - 1938
Hitler attacks Poland, starting World War II - 1939
John Lennon born - 1940
Les Paul designs and builds the first solid-body electric guitar - 1941
Edwin Starr, singer/songwriter, born - 1942
Jim Morrison, The Doors, born - 1943
Peter Tosh, The Wailers, born - 1944
Les Harvey born - 1945
Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick, born - 1946
Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull, born - 1947
Singer Lulu born - 1948
Alastair 'Zal' Cleminson born May 4; Hugh McKenna born Nov. 28 - 1949
Ted McKenna born March 10; Chris Glen born Nov. 6 - 1950
Alan Freed broadcasts his first Rhythm and blues radio show from Cleveland, Ohio - 1951
First reported rock riot breaks out at Freed's Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland - 1952
Elvis Presley records for the first time - 1953
Alex makes his professional debut on trumpet - 1954
Alex plays in skiffle and Dixieland bands - 1955
First Eurovision Song Contest held - 1956
Alex named "Tommy Steele of Scotland" - 1957
Alex joins the Kansas City Counts - 1958
Alex starts the Big Soul Band - 1959
Alex aquires his Telecaster (later stolen in Miami; see 1979) - 1960
"Runaway" is a hit for Del Shannon - 1961
Soul Band backs Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran - 1962
The Soul Band relocates to Hamburg, Germany - 1963
Alex Harvey and his Soul Band and The Blues released - 1964
Steve Winwood accompanies Alex on the single "Agent 00 Soul" - 1965
Soul Band breaks up; Alex joins cabaret act appearing in London - 1966
Alex records with Giant Moth - 1967
Alex joins the pit band for the London production of Hair - 1968
Roman Wall Blues released - 1969
Tear Gas release Piggy Go Getter; Alex appears on Rock Workshop - 1970
Self titled Tear Gas released - 1971
Les Harvey electrocuted onstage; The Joker Is Wild and Framed released - 1972
Next released - 1973
The Impossible Dream released - 1974
Live and Tomorrow Belongs to Me released - 1975
Bill Fehilly killed in plane crash; Penthouse Tapes and SAHB Stories released - 1976
Fourplay (SAHB without Alex) released - 1977
Rock Drill (final SAHB album) released; Zal joins Nazareth - 1978
The Mafia Stole My Guitar (Alex and the New Band) released - 1979
Tandoori Cassette formed by Zal Cleminson and Tull's Barriemore Barlow - 1980
Ted McKenna joins The Greg Lake Band - 1981
Alex Harvey suffers a fatal heart attack - 1982
Soldier On The Wall released posthumously - 1983
Apple Computer releases the first Macintosh - 1984
David Lee Roth covers "Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" medley - 1985
Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzie dies - 1986
Fred Astaire dies - 1987
Roy Orbison dies - 1988
Ted "Big Louie" Bundy executed in Florida's electric chair - 1989
Songwriter Del Shannon ("Runaway") dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound - 1990
Japanese cult rockers Shonen Knife cover "Faith Healer" - 1991
The remaining members of SAHB regroup as The Party Boys, rotating singers - 1992
SAHB once more, the band release Live '93 fronted by Stevie Dougherty - 1993
SAHB disbands again - 1994
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland, Ohio - 1995
First SAHB tribute sites appear on the Internet, followed by fan email lists - 1996
Richard Berry, songwriter ("Louie, Louie"), dies - 1997
Ted McKenna sends word to internet fans, fueling reunion rumors - 1998
The Church, Scots singer Fish and metal band Helloween cover "Faith Healer" - 1999
Screamin' Jay Hawkins ("I Put A Spell On You") dies - 2000
John Lee Hooker, who used the Soul Band as backup in the 1960s, dies - 2001
SAHB reforms for Frankie Miller tribute concert, fronted by Billy Rankin - 2002
After two sellout UK tours, SAHB begin work on star-studded tribute album Alex - 2003
Another sell-out UK tour, this time with singer Max Maxwell - 2004
Zalvation released - 2005
"Bilston Tea Party" fan weekend held as SAHB has another sensational year - 2006

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