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Pre-SAHB singles

I Just Wanna Make Love To You/Let The Good Times Roll* (Polydor NH 52264) 1964
I Ain't Worried Baby/Got My Mojo Working* (Polydor NH 52907) 1964
Ain't That Just Too Bad/My Kind Of Love* (Polydor 56017) 1965
Agent 00 Soul/Go Away Baby (Fontana TF 610) 1965
Work Song/I Can Do Without Your Love (Fontana TF 764) 1966
The Sunday Song/Horizons (Decca F 12640) 1967
Maybe Some Day/Curtains For My Baby (Decca F 12660) 1967
Midnight Moses/Roman Wall Blues (Fontana TF 1063) 1969
*"Soul Band" releases


Alex Harvey and his Soul Band 1964 UK Polydor 237624, 1972 GER Karussel 635 049 (reissue)
Alex Harvey Soul Band (CD release; Bear Family Records Catalog # - G479883 GER Release Date - 1999/05/04 )
The Blues 1964 UK Polydor 237641
Roman Wall Blues 1969 UK Fontana STL 5534
Joker Is Wild 1972 GER Metronome 15429
This Is 1975 GER Metronome 200173 reissue [of Joker Is Wild]
Teenage A Go Go 2003 Alchemy Entertainment, Inc. PILOT159 (previously bootlegged as "Unreleased Acetates")

Tear Gas LPs (SAHB before Alex)

Piggy Go Getter 1970 USA Paramount 5029, 1970 UK Famous SFMA 5751
Tear Gas 1971 UK Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1021

SAHB and Solo Alex Harvey Singles

There's No Lights.../Harp (Vertigo 6059 070) 1972
Jungle Jenny/Buff's Bar Blues (Vertigo 6059 075) 1973
Giddy Up A Ding Dong/Buff's Bar Blues (Vertigo 6059 091) FRNCE 1972, GER 1974
Faith Healer/St. Anthony (Vertigo 6059 098) 1973
Sergeant Fury/Gang Bang (Vertigo 6059 106) 1974
Anthem/Anthem (Vertigo 6059 112) 1974
Delilah/Soul In Chains (PS) (Vertigo ALEX 1) 1975
Gamblin' Bar Room Blues/Shake That Thing (PS) (Vertigo ALEX 2) 1975
Runaway/Snake Bite (Vertigo ALEX 3) 1975
Anthem/River of Love
Boston Tea Party/Sultan's Choice (Mountain TOP 12) 1976
Amos Moses/Satchel And The Scalp Hunter (Mountain TOP 19) 1976
Amos Moses/$25 For A Massage (Mountain TOP 19) 1976
Pick It Up And Kick It/Smouldering [SAHB without Alex] (Mountain TOP 24) 1977
Mrs. Blackhouse/Engine Room Boogie (Mountain TOP 19) 1977
Shakin' All Over/Wake Up Davis (RCA PB 5199) 1979
Hot Tracks (Boston Tea Party/Delilah/Faith Healer) (Mountain HOT 2) 1980
(Big Tree) Small Axe/The Whalers (RCA PB 5252) 1980
The Poet and I/Mitzi (Power Station ???) 1983
The Poet and I/The Poet And I (singalong version) (Power Station OHM 3) 1983

SAHB LPs and their CD Reissues

Framed 1972 UK Vertigo 6360 081, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-119, 1992 CD GER Polygram 512815
Next 1973 UK Vertigo 6360 103, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-114, 19.. CD GER Polygram 512769
The Impossible Dream 1974 USA Vertigo 2000, 1974 UK Vertigo 6360 112, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-116, 1992 CD GER Polygram 512770
Live 1975 USA Atlantic 18184, 1975 UK Vertigo 6360 122, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-117, 1993 CD GER Polygram 514413
Tomorrow Belongs To Me 1975 USA Vertigo 2004, 1975 UK Vertigo 6360 120 + Vertigo 9102 003, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-111, 1993 CD GER Polygram 514412
Penthouse Tapes 1976 EURO Vertigo 9103 205, 1976 UK Vertigo 9102 007, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-112, 19.. CD GER TIS? 514414
SAHB Stories 1976 UK Mountain TOPS 112, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-115
Big Hits & Close Shaves [compilation] 1977 UK Vertigo 6360 147 EURO Vertigo 6370 422
Fourplay [SAHB without Alex] 1977 UK Mountain TOPC 5006 + Vertigo 6370 421
Rock Drill 1978 UK Mountain TOPS 114, 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-118
Collectors Items [compilation] 1980 UK Mountain TOPS 129
The Collector Series: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Collection [compilation] [also known as Sensational Collection?] 1986 Castle CCSLP-149 (distributed in UK), 19.. CD USA Castle 149, 19.. CD CDN Sound Sol RCD2003, 1986 CD UK Castle CCSCD-149, 19.. CD GER Castle 2873.149
Attention [compilation] 1977 GER Fontana 9199 091
Motive (compilation) c. 1973 GER Vertigo
Framed/Next... [Remastered] 4/1/2002 GER Vertigo 5866962
Impossible Dream, The/Tomorrow Belongs To Me [Remastered] 4/1/2002 GER Vertigo 5866972
Live/Penthouse Tapes,The [Remastered] 4/1/2002 GER Vertigo 5866982
SAHB Stories/Rock Drill [Remastered] 4/1/2002 GER Vertigo 5866992

Solo Alex Harvey and Compilation LPs featuring Alex and SAHB

Post-SAHB Alex Harvey LPs and their CD reissues

 Alex Harvey Talks About Everything (Promotional interview LP) 1974 Vertigo MK7
Alex Harvey Presents The Loch Ness Monster [Alex without SAHB] 1977 UK K-Tel NE 984
The Mafia Stole My Guitar [Alex without SAHB] 1979 UK RCA PL 25257, 1991 CD Mau Mau MAU CD 608
Soldier on the Wall (Power Station AMP 2) recorded January 1982; released October 1983. Remastered & rereleased September, 2003, DIAB 8047 Edsel Records

Compilations featuring Alex Harvey & SAHB

Hair - Original London Cast Recording (Alex in pit band) 1968 Polydor 583043 B "Hair" Rave-Up: Live from the Shaftesbury Theatre, London (Alex in pit band 1969 Pye Records NSPL 18314 Band on the Wagon (HairBand) 1969 Bell Records SBLL 123 Rock Workshop 1970 CBS S64075
Rare Tracks (Various Artists) 1975 Polydor Special 2482 272 (mono)
 Mountain Rocks Into '77 (Various Artists) 1977 Promo Mountain PSLP 200
 Top of the Pops 2: 70'S Rock (Various Artists) 2001 Universal 5606262

SAHB CD Only Releases

All Sensations [compilation] 19.. CD UK Vertigo 512201, 19.. CD GER Polygram 512201
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert 1991 CD UK Windsong WINCD 002
Live on the Test 1994 Windsong WHISCD 004
Best Of [compilation] 1987 CD USA K-Tel
Best Of [compilation] 1991(?) CD GER Marblearch CMA-121, 1991 Success CMA CD 121 PK 510
Best Of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band [compilation] 1991 CD UK+GER Music Club MCCD-001
...Delilah... The Very Best Of [compilation]
The Legend [compilation] 19.. CD UK Samurai SAMRCD-041
Portrait [compilation] 19.. CD CDN Pickwick STFL-1, 19.. CD UK Start STFCD-1, 19.. CD GER Pickwick 50087
Live in Glasgow '93 [SAHB w/Steve Dougherty on vocals] 1993 CD UK JIMBO 1
The Gospel According to Harvey 1998 CD UK New Millennium PILOT 45
Faith Healer: An Introduction 2002 CD UK Mercury Records 586 329-2
Considering the Situation 2003 CD UK Universal Records Ltd. 065 005-2

SAHB and Solo Alex Harvey Bootlegs and Videos

SAHB and Solo Alex Harvey Bootlegs
Unreleased Acetates 196? unreleased studio recordings CDR, CASS UK
Buxton Pop Festival SAHB 1973, UK Audience Bootleg
BBC Show and Interview SAHB 1973, FM Radio Broadcast
Stockholm. Sweden SAHB 1974, Audience Bootleg
Live in Dallas, 1974 FM Radio Broadcast 1974-1997 CDR, CASS US
Live at the Cleveland Agora 1974, FM Radio broadcast CDR, CASS US
Rainbow, UK SAHB Aug 1974, FM Radio Broadcast
Electric Lady Studio SAHB Dec 1974, NYC FM Radio Broadcast
Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ SAHB Jan 1975, FM Radio Broadcast
Sheffield City Hall, UK SAHB May 13, 1975, Audience Bootleg
May 24, 1975 soundboard recording
(original concert later edited & released as "Live")
Michigan Palace, Detroit, MI SAHB Nov 1975, Audience Bootleg
Liverpool Empire, UK SAHB May 11, 1976, Audience Bootleg
Reading Festival, UK SAHB Aug 28, 1977, Audience Bootleg
Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland The New Band, Dec 16, 1978, Audience Bootleg
Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland The New Band, Jan 10, 1980, Audience Bootleg

SAHB on Video
Old Grey Whistle Test 1973 Next
Old Grey Whistle Test 1973 Faith Healer
Live in Syracuse 1974 B/W 60 mins
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 Delilah 5 mins
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 Delilah ( With Different Camera Angles )
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 Give My Compliments To The Chef
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 Alex Interview On 40th Birthday
Top of the Pops 1976 Boston Tea Party !! 4 mins Top Of The Pops 1976 Boston Tea Party - 2nd Appearance
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, USA 1976 23 mins
Rainbow Theatre, London 1976 2 songs 10 mins Supersonic 1976 Delilah
Supersonic 1976 Gambling Bar Room Blues
Supersonic 1976 Runaway
Old Grey Whistle Test Promo - Pick It Up And Kick It
Jock and Roll interview 1980 20 mins
Vienna Stadthalle, Austria 1980 (?? 1982 ??) audience film 95 mins
Tarlair Festival, Scotland 18 July 1993 25 mins
Sax Venue, Cumbernauld , Glasgow 15 May 1994 80 mins
Vambo Rools Ok ! 2001 BBC Scotland documentary on Alex Harvey
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Selected Video Archives (Remastered DVD versions ofSAHB performances and interviews with Alex) August, 2003



Mark Geisert, Ian MacGregor, Jeff from Texas, Athanasia Vamvaka, Colin Cattanach, BOb Jordan, Jeff Swick, Martin Roulston, Jeff Pike, Peter Ball, John Dore', Rune Skulstad, Ulf Nawrot (thanx for all the scans, guys!), Larry Ledbetter, John Barnson, Patrik Lindell, George Murphy and Colin (the Paisley Buddie) McBurnie all contributed to this discography; some of the information comes from the following sources:

New Rock Record by Terry Hounsome, 1983 edition.
Facts On File Publications. ISBN 0 87196 770 7

The Complete Rock Family Trees by Pete Frame, 1993 edition.
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Delerium's Psychedelic Web Of Sound by Delerium Records, © Delerium 1996.

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